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True Wind: Revolutionizing Bookkeeping & Finance for Startups

In today’s fast-paced business world, startups need every advantage they can get to stay ahead of the competition. One area that is often overlooked but crucial to a company’s success is bookkeeping and finance. True Wind, an AI-powered platform, aims to change that by offering startups a smarter and more efficient way to manage their financial back office.

Accuracy: A Game-Changer in Bookkeeping

One of the standout features of True Wind is its unmatched accuracy in bookkeeping. By combining the power of AI with a dedicated concierge team, True Wind ensures that your books are always delivered with precision and reliability. Gone are the days of manual data entry and human errors that can lead to costly mistakes. With True Wind, you can trust that your financial records are accurate and up to date, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Timely Monthly Close: Real-Time Finance at Your Fingertips

Traditional bookkeeping methods can be time-consuming, often taking weeks to close the books and generate financial reports. True Wind changes the game by offering a faster monthly close, allowing you to access real-time financial information in a matter of days. This means you can make faster and more informed business decisions, giving you a competitive edge in the market. With True Wind, you no longer have to wait for weeks to get a clear picture of your company’s financial health.

World-Class Support: Partnering for Success

True Wind understands that startups need more than just a software platform. That’s why they offer world-class support, treating their clients as partners in their success. Working with one of True Wind’s finance experts, you can rest assured that your books and taxes are in capable hands. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or want to optimize your financial strategy, True Wind’s team is always there to support you. They go the extra mile to ensure that you feel like they are in your corner, because they truly are.

Trusted by Hyper-Growth Startups: Real Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. True Wind has garnered praise from hyper-growth startups that have leveraged its services to scale their businesses. Peter Fishman from Mozart Data (YC S20) commends True Wind for handling their back office finance needs without the need for a dedicated finance hire. True Wind provides not only financial statements but also key reporting, going above and beyond for YC companies.

Tom Hadfield, CEO of Mio (YC W16), highly recommends True Wind for its exceptional financial modeling and reporting capabilities. He praises the True Wind team, stating that they are destined for greatness. Perry Ha from Homeflow (YC W23) also speaks highly of True Wind, emphasizing their excellence in providing support and assistance.

Key Features of True Wind

  • AI-powered bookkeeping: True Wind leverages AI technology to automate bookkeeping tasks, reducing errors and improving accuracy.
  • Concierge service: True Wind’s concierge team works hand-in-hand with AI to deliver a delightful financial back office experience.
  • Detailed financial models: True Wind provides startups with detailed financial models tailored to their specific needs, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • Faster monthly close: Say goodbye to weeks of waiting. True Wind closes your books in days, giving you real-time access to your financial data.
  • World-class support: True Wind treats its clients as partners, offering personalized support from finance experts who are dedicated to your success.

Use Cases: How True Wind is Transforming Startups

  1. Scaling without a dedicated finance hire: True Wind’s AI-powered bookkeeping and financial reporting allow startups to grow their teams without the need for an in-house finance expert. This saves time and resources while ensuring accurate and reliable financial information.
  2. Real-time financial decision-making: With True Wind’s fast monthly close, startups can access up-to-date financial data and make informed decisions in real-time. This agility enables them to seize opportunities and navigate challenges more effectively.
  3. Detailed financial modeling: True Wind’s detailed financial models provide startups with a comprehensive view of their financial health. This empowers founders to forecast future growth, attract investors, and make strategic business moves.
  4. Support for Y Combinator companies: True Wind goes the extra mile for YC companies, offering key reporting and exceptional support. This partnership ensures that startups have the financial insights and guidance they need to thrive.

Alternatives to True Wind

While True Wind offers an impressive suite of features and benefits, it’s always worth exploring alternatives to find the best fit for your startup’s unique needs. Some notable alternatives to True Wind include:

  1. QuickBooks Online: A popular choice for small businesses, QuickBooks Online offers robust bookkeeping and accounting features. It may lack the AI-powered automation of True Wind but provides a solid foundation for financial management.
  2. Xero: Another well-known accounting software, Xero offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features for startups. It may not have the same level of personalized support as True Wind but is a reliable option for basic bookkeeping.
  3. Pilot: Pilot combines AI technology with human expertise to deliver accurate bookkeeping and financial insights. It offers a similar level of support as True Wind and may be a suitable alternative for startups looking for a more hands-on approach.


True Wind offers flexible pricing plans tailored to the needs of startups. To get detailed pricing information and discuss the best plan for your business, it’s recommended to reach out to their sales team directly.


True Wind is revolutionizing bookkeeping and finance for startups by harnessing the power of AI and combining it with a concierge service. With unmatched accuracy, faster monthly close, and world-class support, True Wind provides startups with the tools they need to succeed. Trusted by hyper-growth startups and backed by real testimonials, True Wind is a game-changer in the world of financial management. Whether you’re scaling your team or making real-time financial decisions, True Wind is the partner you can rely on.


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