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Tract: Sherlock – Your In-House Investigator for Confident Human Assessments

In today’s world, where human risk exposure is a growing concern for businesses, having a reliable tool to perform thorough due diligence is essential. That’s where Tract comes in. Tract introduces Sherlock, an in-house investigator powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning models. Sherlock meticulously combs through millions of data points from various sources, including criminal records, legal filings, social media, and more. This article will provide a comprehensive review of Tract, highlighting its key features and the use cases it serves.

Actionable Intelligence with Real-Time Insights

Sherlock’s most remarkable feature is its ability to quickly provide real-time insights through actionable intelligence. By delving into criminal history, legal filings, civil litigations, bankruptcy records, and industry sanctions, Sherlock leaves no stone unturned when assessing human risk exposure. It also scours global watchlists, corporate filings, and tax liens, ensuring that your firm remains informed of any potential red flags that might arise.

Additionally, Sherlock analyzes social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and over a hundred others, along with press coverage and YouTube. This comprehensive approach allows Sherlock to paint a complete picture of an individual’s online presence, uncovering any relevant personal information, employment history, education background, business relationships, and even political affiliations.

By utilizing the vast amount of data Sherlock gathers, businesses can navigate unanticipated human risk exposure confidently. Instead of spending hours manually researching individuals, Sherlock enables your firm to make informed decisions while saving valuable time and resources.

Safeguard Your Firm with Reduced Risk in Minutes

Tract’s Sherlock offers a remarkable solution for reducing risk efficiently. Thanks to patented machine learning models and advanced AI, Sherlock performs an in-depth human risk analysis in under fifteen minutes. This quick turnaround time ensures that your firm can evaluate potential risks promptly, reducing the chances of costly decisions, legal issues, and reputational damage.

Tract’s proprietary Risk Score and Compatibility Index further enhance Sherlock’s analysis capabilities. By leveraging these features, your firm gains deeper insights into an individual’s background, allowing you to make even more informed assessments. The Risk Score quantifies the level of potential risk associated with an individual, while the Compatibility Index provides a measure of how well-matched an individual is with your organization’s requirements and values.

Why Choose Tract?

Tract has emerged as a market leader in the realm of human assessments, and Sherlock is the epitome of their mind-blowing features. Here are several reasons why Tract’s Sherlock stands out in the crowd:

  1. Swift: Receive your comprehensive report in just minutes, guaranteed. Tract understands the importance of time-sensitive decisions.
  2. Cutting-Edge: Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning models, Sherlock scours millions of data points across criminal, legal, financial, social media, and digital sources, providing unrivaled background analysis.
  3. Security: Uncover human risks to safeguard your firm and avoid costly decisions, legal issues, and reputational damage with ease. Sherlock acts as your shield against unforeseen risks.
  4. Assistance: Tract treats its customers as partners, offering 24/7 assistance and unlimited support. You can trust in their dedication to providing the best user experience.
  5. Accurate: Tract ensures the accuracy of information by certifying data from reputable sources and directly linking to the source of any controversies uncovered. You can rely on the integrity of the results provided.
  6. Confidential: Tract’s investigation process is 100% confidential. The individuals under investigation will remain unaware of Sherlock’s scrutiny. All that’s required from you is the full name, company, and email address of the subject.

Use Cases of Tract

Tract’s Sherlock finds application in various scenarios, making it an invaluable tool for businesses across different industries. Here are a few use cases where Tract can make a significant impact:

  1. Hiring Process: When assessing potential candidates, Tract’s Sherlock provides a comprehensive background analysis, ensuring that the right fit is chosen while minimizing future risks.
  2. Vendor Screening: Before engaging with vendors or partners, it’s essential to evaluate their credibility and reputation. Sherlock’s deep-dive analysis enables firms to make more informed decisions when entering into collaborations.
  3. Legal Compliance: Sherlock’s ability to comb through legal databases and watchlists ensures that businesses comply with regulations and avoid any association with individuals or entities that may pose risks.
  4. Due Diligence: Whether it’s mergers, investments, or acquiring new clients, Tract offers an efficient way to perform due diligence, helping businesses evaluate potential risks and make informed decisions.

In conclusion, Tract’s Sherlock provides businesses with the confidence to navigate unanticipated human risk exposure. With its real-time insights and actionable intelligence, Sherlock enables firms to make informed assessments efficiently. Its swift turnaround time, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to accuracy make it a reliable partner in reducing risks. Whether it’s for the hiring process, vendor screening, legal compliance, or due diligence, Tract’s Sherlock is the best investment for your firm’s safety and success.

FAQs About Tract: Sherlock – Your In-House Investigator for Confident Human Assessments

  1. What is Tract: Sherlock?
    Tract: Sherlock is an advanced app that serves as an in-house investigator, providing comprehensive background assessments for confident human risk analysis.
  2. How does Tract: Sherlock work?
    Tract: Sherlock utilizes cutting-edge AI and machine learning models to analyze millions of data points from various sources, including criminal records, legal filings, and social media, to offer real-time insights.
  3. What types of data does Tract: Sherlock analyze?
    Tract: Sherlock meticulously probes criminal history, legal filings, civil litigations, bankruptcy records, industry sanctions, social media profiles, employment history, education background, and more.
  4. How long does it take to receive results with Tract: Sherlock?
    With Tract: Sherlock, you can expect a comprehensive report in under fifteen minutes, allowing you to quickly make informed decisions and minimize potential risks.
  5. Can Tract: Sherlock help with hiring processes?
    Yes, Tract: Sherlock is a valuable tool for assessing potential candidates. It provides a deeper understanding of an individual’s background, enabling you to make the best hiring decisions.
  6. Is Tract: Sherlock confidential?
    Absolutely! Tract: Sherlock ensures 100% confidentiality throughout the investigation process. The individuals under investigation will not be aware of Sherlock’s scrutiny.
  7. Can Tract: Sherlock assist with vendor screening?
    Certainly! Tract: Sherlock helps evaluate the credibility and reputation of vendors or partners, ensuring you enter into collaborations with the right entities and minimize risks.
  8. Does Tract: Sherlock comply with legal regulations?
    Yes, Tract: Sherlock scours legal databases and watchlists to help businesses comply with regulations and avoid any association with risky individuals or entities.
  9. How accurate are the results provided by Tract: Sherlock?
    Tract: Sherlock certifies information from reputable sources and directly links to the sources of any controversies found, ensuring the accuracy of its reports.
  10. What industries benefit from Tract: Sherlock?
    Tract: Sherlock is beneficial for a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, legal, technology, and more. It helps in due diligence, risk management, and making informed decisions.


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