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Tidby: Your Personalized AI News Reader

In this fast-paced world, staying informed can be a challenge, especially when time is limited. Tidby is here to revolutionize the way you interact with the news, providing personalized and bite-sized news tidbits energized by AI. Whether you are always on the go or simply prefer concise news summaries, Tidby ensures you stay informed effortlessly. Let’s delve into the amazing benefits that make Tidby the go-to news reader for the modern user.

AI News Summaries with Tidby:

With Tidby, you gain a smart news buddy that leverages AI to transform news stories into quick, bite-sized summaries. Say goodbye to information overload and swipe up and down to read the next or previous news summary, conveniently offering key takeaways and facts from the author’s article. Tidby’s AI remains unbiased, focusing solely on delivering the most important information. And if you ever come across an incorrect summary, report it easily to help improve the accuracy.

Engage & Interact with Articles:

Tidby encourages meaningful engagement with the articles you encounter. With just a single tap, show support for authors by liking their work and dive into the full story to gain their perspective. In the near future, Tidby has exciting plans to introduce a commenting feature, enabling you to discuss articles with like-minded individuals directly on the platform. This interactive experience helps foster a sense of community within Tidby.

Your Own News Article Library:

Imagine having a personal newsstand at your fingertips. Tidby’s Library allows you to save articles that catch your eye, creating your own collection of fascinating stories. Consider it your digital bookshelf, showcasing the tales that matter most to you. Share articles with friends or keep them private – you have control over your library. In the near future, Tidby plans to introduce the ability to create your own scrapbook, further enhancing the experience of curating and sharing news stories.

Control Your News with Tidby:

Tidby thrives on personalization, empowering you to tailor your news journey. Focus on specific topics aligning with your interests, enabling you to stay in the loop with issue-based news without the distraction of random stories. As Tidby continues to evolve, expect the introduction of filter controls, making it even easier and more precise to sort through topics and articles. This level of customization transforms you into the editor-in-chief, curating your news consumption experience.

Use Cases of Tidby:

Tidby excels in various use cases, ensuring it adapts to diverse user needs. Here are just a few examples:

  1. On-the-Go Users: For individuals with a busy lifestyle, Tidby’s bite-sized news summaries are perfect for staying updated while on the move. With just a swipe, you can catch up on the latest news without compromising your schedule.
  2. Limited Time Users: If time is a luxury, Tidby’s AI-powered news summaries provide a quick and efficient way to consume important news without investing significant time.
  3. Curious Learners: Tidby’s AI search functionality, coming soon, opens up a world of exploration. Satisfy your intellectual curiosity by easily hunting down news on specific topics that pique your interests.
  4. News Enthusiasts: Tidby’s Library acts as a treasure trove for news enthusiasts. Save and curate articles that resonate with you, creating a personalized collection of stories to share or revisit at your leisure.
  5. Community Engagers: Engage with fellow readers and discuss articles in the comments section, fostering a vibrant community within Tidby.


Tidby offers a revolutionary news reading experience tailored to your needs. Its AI-powered news summaries, interactive engagement features, personalized news library, and curated control over your news consumption set Tidby apart from other news reader apps. Whether you are constantly on the move, have limited time, or simply want to stay informed in a way that aligns with your interests, Tidby has you covered. Embrace the future of news reading with Tidby and consume less while learning more.

FAQ: Tidby

  1. What is Tidby?
    Tidby is a personalized AI news reader app that provides bite-sized news summaries energized by AI, allowing you to stay informed effortlessly.
  2. How does Tidby summarize news?
    Tidby leverages AI to transform news stories into quick, bite-sized summaries, offering key takeaways and important facts from the author’s article.
  3. Can I engage with articles in Tidby?
    Yes, Tidby offers interactive features that allow you to engage with articles. You can show support for authors by liking their work and dive into the full story for a comprehensive perspective.
  4. Is it possible to save articles in Tidby?
    Absolutely! Tidby has a personal newsstand called the Library, where you can save articles that catch your eye. It’s like having your own collection of fascinating stories at your fingertips.
  5. Will Tidby allow me to curate my own news?
    Yes, Tidby lets you personalize your news journey. You can focus on specific topics, stay updated with issue-based news, and soon, filter controls will make sorting through topics even easier and precise.
  6. Can I share articles saved in Tidby with others?
    Certainly! You have the freedom to share articles from your Tidby Library with friends or keep them private, tailoring your news sharing experience as you see fit.
  7. Does Tidby plan to introduce a commenting feature?
    Yes, Tidby has exciting plans to introduce a commenting feature, allowing users to discuss articles and engage in meaningful conversations directly within the app.
  8. Will Tidby support user-generated content in the future?
    Absolutely! Tidby has plans to allow users to post their own news articles from their favorite sources or even share their own work, giving everyone a chance to be a storyteller.
  9. Will Tidby offer a search option for specific news topics?
    Definitely! Tidby will soon introduce an AI-powered search feature, enabling you to easily hunt down news on almost any topic you’re curious about.
  10. How can Tidby benefit users with limited time?
    For those with limited time, Tidby’s AI-powered news summaries provide a quick and efficient way to consume important news without investing significant time. Stay updated even on the go!


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