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Themify - Widget & Icon themes
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Themify – A New Dimension in Widget and Icon Themes: Review

The quest for the perfect home screen is one that many smartphone users know all too well. Enter Themify – an app that serves as a treasure trove for anyone looking to transform their iOS home and lock screens radically. From widgets that keep you updated on your daily activities to a wide range of themes, Themify ensures you have full control over your device’s aesthetics.

Unveil Your Creativity with Themify

Themify isn’t merely a digital tool; it’s a playground for personal expression. With its vast array of widgets, icons, and themes, the app encourages users to break away from standard iOS designs and cultivate a unique mobile environment. The process is simple, straightforward, and accompanied by regular updates that add new layers of style and functionality.

Vast Widget Collection

Widgets are the bread and butter of Themify. The app offers widgets that look good and make your life easier. For instance, you can keep track of crucial metrics like sleep and steps. The widgets also come with versatile designs, featuring time & calendar, weather updates, and even inspirational quotes.

  • Activity Tracking: From monitoring your sleep pattern to counting your daily steps, Themify lets you keep track of it all.
  • Time & Calendar Widgets: Never lose track of time or forget important dates with widgets that tell you exactly what you need to know.

A Palette for Every Mood

Choosing a theme in Themify feels like stepping into a world of infinite possibilities. Whether you are a fan of dark hues or have a penchant for pastels, the app has something for everyone. What sets Themify apart is its 3-in-1 theme packs, where app icons, widgets, and wallpapers come together to create a harmonious user experience.

Theme Maker with Themify

Not content with the existing themes? Themify offers a Theme Maker feature, enabling you to tweak existing designs or start from scratch. Unleash your inner designer and create an entirely personalized theme, setting your device apart from millions of others.

Icon Packs: No More Standard App Icons

Are you tired of the mundane app icons that come as default on your device? Themify solves this problem with over 2000+ custom icon packs. Even better, you can install a whole pack in one go, offering a cohesive and appealing look to your home screen.

Wallpapers That Speak Volumes

Still or animated, Themify offers a vast range of wallpapers to fit your mood. Whether you’re into anime or nature, these wallpapers add a layer of character to your device, making it yours.

Apple Health Integration

Health tracking doesn’t have to be dull or complicated. Themify integrates seamlessly with Apple Health, enabling widgets that track metrics like sleep, steps, and water intake. It’s not just about making your device look good; it’s also about making it smarter and more efficient.

Alternatives to Themify

While Themify offers extensive customization options, it isn’t the only player in the market. Apps like Widgetsmith and Iconboard also offer similar features but lack the comprehensive theme packs that make Themify stand out.


Themify offers a free tier with basic customization options and a premium tier that unlocks all features. The competitive pricing is a worthy investment for those committed to device personalization.

Download the Themify App

For those eager to dive into the world of device customization, download Themify here.

In conclusion, Themify offers a rich experience in personalizing your device. From widgets to wallpapers, it gives you the tools to create a home screen that looks great and works for you.

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