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Telescope: Powering Stock Discovery with AI

Telescope, also known as Munger 3.0, is your all-in-one integration for stock brokerage apps. With its cutting-edge AI technology, Telescope revolutionizes the way users discover and trade stocks, providing curated stock portfolios based on prompts or themes. This article will explore the key features of Telescope, its use cases, and how it can enhance stock discovery and trading experiences.

Hyperpersonalized Stock Selections

Telescope leverages AI-driven stock selection to unpack themes and prompts into actionable investment ideas. Whether it’s an investment style, thematic idea, or a future event, Telescope can generate rational investment suggestions from a single prompt. Users can input prompts like “Cheap lab-grown gold is now abundant” and receive curated stock portfolios based on the given theme.

Telescope’s AI architecture consists of three foundation products: Ripple, Radar, and Fuse. Ripple enables the creation of intelligent stock baskets from a single theme or future event, removing the friction between ideas and trades. Radar provides recommendations for portfolios or single stocks based on AI-constructed personas, ensuring users receive highly relevant next trades. Fuse allows users to create their own content in a tone that suits their brand, executing “scripts” to gather unique data for over 30,000 financial instruments worldwide.

Simple and Seamless API Integration

For developers, Telescope offers a powerful and easy-to-use API for seamless integration. With a dedicated API tailored to your needs, developers can ship their applications more quickly. The API provides a flexible investment engine, enabling the design of custom meta-models that match against specific datasets. Additionally, the API is secured and can be hosted close to your infrastructure, ensuring data privacy and optimal performance.

Empowering Users with AI-Driven Stock Discovery

Telescope’s main mission is to empower users with their view of the future by using AI-driven stock discovery. By unpacking themes into actionable investment ideas, users can make informed trading decisions. Whether it’s predicting trends like the aging population, the rise of electric vehicles, or the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide, Telescope helps users navigate the stock market with confidence.

The diverse range of prompts available through Telescope allows users to explore various investment opportunities and discover new themes they may not have considered before. From the potential impact of technological advancements to societal changes and global events, Telescope provides users with a unique perspective on the stock market.

Why Choose Telescope?

Telescope offers numerous benefits for both users and brokers, making it a preferred choice for stock discovery:

For Users

  • Hyperpersonalized stock selections: Thanks to Telescope’s AI technology, users receive personalized stock recommendations tailored to their interests and prompts.
  • Increased engagement: By transforming stock discovery into an engaging and entertaining experience, Telescope keeps users motivated and connected.
  • Diverse investment options: Telescope allows users to explore new themes and invest in specific areas of interest, encouraging diversification and long-term growth.

For Brokers

  • Rapid stock discovery: Telescope cuts through the noise and swiftly finds relevant stocks, making it easier for brokers to present curated options to their users.
  • Enhanced user experience: By providing an AI engine for stock discovery, Telescope helps brokers deliver a more engaging and personalized experience to their users, increasing satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Unlocking new investment opportunities: Telescope enables brokers to dive deeper into themes and trends, surpassing the limitations of conventional ETFs and offering new avenues for investment.


Telescope has already gained recognition and praise from various users and industry professionals:

  • Sophie Moore: “Fascinating product! Provides a unique platform for exploring investment opportunities with the help of AI. Keep up the fantastic work.”
  • Nisha Shah: “Really cool! Definitely following this project.”
  • Jhon Carter: “This is a game-changer in the world of investing, harnessing AI to create thematic portfolios.”

Use Cases

Telescope caters to a wide range of users, including Broker Apps, Hedge Funds, Publishers, and Startups. Here are some practical use cases for each:

Broker Apps

  • Enable users to discover and trade stocks effortlessly with curated portfolios based on AI-driven stock selection.
  • Offer personalized investment suggestions to increase trading volumes and user engagement.
  • Provide a seamless and customized integration with the Telescope API to enhance the app’s capabilities.

Hedge Funds


  • Enhance financial content by incorporating Telescope’s AI-generated stock portfolios and investment ideas.
  • Engage readers with hyperpersonalized stock selections and foster a deeper understanding of investment opportunities.
  • Use Telescope’s API integration to enrich financial articles and provide real-time data to readers.


  • Integrate Telescope’s AI-driven stock discovery into your startup’s platform, offering unique value to users.
  • Leverage Telescope’s diverse prompts and themes to stand out in the market and attract new users.
  • Grow your user base and increase trading volumes by providing a streamlined and personalized investment experience.

In conclusion, Telescope is a powerful AI-driven tool that empowers users to discover and trade stocks with ease. With its hyperpersonalized stock selections, seamless API integration, and diverse use cases, it provides a unique and engaging experience for both users and brokers. Whether you’re a broker app, hedge fund, publisher, or startup, Telescope offers the tools and features necessary to enhance stock discovery, increase trading volumes, and stay ahead of market trends.


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