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Tactic: Automate Research, Analysis, and Action for Smarter Decision Making

In today’s fast-paced world, information overload has become a common challenge, especially for professionals who need to stay on top of their game. Tactic is an innovative app designed to help individuals and teams generate valuable insights from any document, anywhere. By automating research, analysis, and action, Tactic saves time, promotes informed decision-making, and drives success. This article will explore the key features and use cases of Tactic, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize how we process and leverage information.

Automated Insight Generation:

Tactic empowers executives, research analysts, legal professionals, investors, sales and marketing teams, procurement departments, and HR personnel to manage the overwhelming amount of information they encounter daily. The app enables users to import various types of documents, including presentations, contracts, meeting notes, and more. By doing so, Tactic acts as a centralized hub for all communication-related content.

Once the documents are imported, Tactic’s powerful algorithms analyze and interpret the data, providing users with contextual highlights and key answers directly relevant to their businesses. Users can then easily summarize crucial findings and prioritize next steps. This automated insight generation feature streamlines the decision-making process, allowing users to identify the most critical information and take appropriate action.

Interactive Reports and Data Sharing:

With Tactic, users can rely on solid data and analysis to lead their teams effectively. The app enables users to share their analysis in interactive reports, fostering collaboration and alignment within the organization. By presenting findings and key insights visually, teams can easily grasp important information, prioritize tasks, and make informed strategic decisions together.

One notable feature of Tactic is its support for Markdown. This familiar format, akin to popular productivity tools like Notion, enables users to design and customize reports effortlessly. Whether presenting findings to clients, stakeholders, or internal teams, Tactic makes it simple to transform raw data into beautifully designed tables and reports that captivate and engage the audience.

Key Features of Tactic:

  • Import and organize unstructured documents: Tactic allows users to import and analyze text data from any source, including news, Google, PDFs, webpages, APIs, customer conversations, product feedback, market research, and more. The ability to centralize and analyze diverse data types ensures comprehensive insights.
  • Specific and formatted answers: Tactic provides powerful ways to ask specific questions and receive formatted answers. Think of it as employing SQL (Structured Query Language) for unstructured data, enabling efficient querying and data retrieval.
  • Cross-reference multiple documents: Tactic streamlines cross-referencing, facilitating holistic analysis across various documents. Discover connections and patterns that might be missed when reviewing each document in isolation.
  • Summarize and report findings: Tactic offers the capability to summarize findings seamlessly. Users can leverage Markdown support and other formatting tools to create visually appealing reports that effectively convey insights.
  • Team collaboration: Tactic serves as a hub for the entire company. Easy-to-use and free for teams during beta, the app fosters collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and increased efficiency.

Use Cases of Tactic:

  1. Executives: Stay on top of important information by easily reviewing emails, meeting notes, and customer communications. Focus on the critical problems that need solving and drive action based on data-driven insights.
  2. Research Analysts: Import, organize, and analyze vast quantities of research data. Extract key insights, cross-reference information, and create comprehensive reports to inform critical research findings.
  3. Legal Professionals: Efficiently review contracts and legal documentation. Tactic’s powerful search capabilities and contextual highlights enhance due diligence, contract management, and legal research.
  4. Investors: Analyze market research, financial reports, and investor decks to make informed investment decisions. Tactic’s ability to find key answers and summarize findings streamlines the investment research process.
  5. Sales and Marketing: Leverage Tactic to extract valuable insights from customer conversations, product feedback, and market research. Identify trends, priorities, and customer pain points to drive effective sales and marketing strategies.
  6. Procurement: Analyze vendor proposals, contracts, and industry reports to make data-driven decisions. Tactic’s ability to summarize and prioritize findings enhances procurement processes and negotiation strategies.
  7. HR: Centralize employee feedback, performance reviews, and workplace analytics. Tactic’s insightful analysis helps identify potential areas of improvement and drive strategic decisions.


Tactic is an exceptional tool designed to automate research, analysis, and action in the face of information overload. By leveraging its powerful features, individuals and teams can save time, make smarter decisions, and foster collaboration within their organizations. Whether it’s executives dealing with emails and meeting notes, investors analyzing market research or legal professionals reviewing contracts, Tactic enables users to turn unstructured information into valuable insights. Unlock the potential of your data with Tactic and transform the way you approach decision-making. Sign up for free and experience the power of Tactic today.

FAQ: Tactic

  1. What is Tactic?
    Tactic is an app that automates research, analysis, and action, helping users generate insights from any document, anywhere.
  2. How does Tactic save time?
    By organizing and analyzing various types of documents, Tactic prioritizes key information, enabling users to focus on what’s important without getting overwhelmed.
  3. Can I import different types of documents into Tactic?
    Yes, Tactic allows you to import presentations, contracts, meeting notes, and more, making it a versatile tool for managing diverse communication-related content.
  4. How does Tactic find relevant answers?
    Tactic employs powerful algorithms to surface contextual highlights and key answers directly relevant to your business, making it easier to interpret data.
  5. Can I share my analysis with my team?
    Absolutely! Tactic enables users to share their analysis in interactive reports, driving collaboration, aligning priorities, and fostering data-driven decision-making.
  6. Does Tactic support customizing reports?
    Yes, Tactic supports Markdown, enabling users to design and customize reports effortlessly, creating visually appealing and informative presentations.
  7. Is Tactic suitable for different industries and roles?
    Yes, Tactic caters to executives, research analysts, legal professionals, investors, sales and marketing teams, procurement departments, and HR personnel.
  8. Can Tactic analyze unstructured data from various sources?
    Yes, Tactic allows the import and analysis of text data from sources like news, Google, PDFs, webpages, APIs, customer conversations, and market research.
  9. Does Tactic offer cross-referencing capabilities?
    Yes, Tactic enables users to cross-reference multiple documents, uncovering connections and patterns that may go unnoticed when reviewing individual documents.
  10. How does Tactic benefit procurement professionals?
    Tactic helps analyze vendor proposals, contracts, and industry reports, assisting with data-driven decision-making and enhancing negotiation strategies.


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