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Streamline Your Legal Document Drafting Process with CreateDraft

CreateDraft is an innovative app designed to revolutionize the way legal teams create first drafts of legal documents. Whether you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Employment Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Operating Agreement, Shareholder Agreement, Lease Agreement, Purchase Agreement, Service Agreement, or Consulting Agreement, CreateDraft has you covered. This powerful tool leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the drafting process, increase productivity, and ensure the creation of high-quality legal documents. In this article, we will explore the key features and use cases of CreateDraft.

Key Features of CreateDraft:

  1. AI-Powered Drafting: Say goodbye to the blank page and hours spent staring at it. CreateDraft utilizes AI to generate high-quality drafts for all your legal contracts in a few clicks. Simply choose your legal use case, and the AI drafting model will analyze your input and generate a unique and creative legal draft based on your specifications.
  2. Extensive Template Library: With over 362 legal templates at your disposal, CreateDraft simplifies contract production by providing a wide range of pre-designed templates. These templates cover various legal use cases, ensuring that you can find the perfect starting point for your drafting needs.
  3. Contract Insights: CreateDraft’s Contract Insights feature allows you to analyze and simplify complex legal documents in a single click. It helps you discover hidden clauses, navigate through legal jargon, and ensure that no details are overlooked.

Use Cases of CreateDraft:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):
    Easily create NDAs to protect confidential information by prohibiting its disclosure to third parties. Specify the parties involved, the scope of information covered, and the obligations of the receiving party to maintain confidentiality. With CreateDraft, your sensitive information stays secure.
  2. Employment Agreement:
    Streamline the process of creating employment agreements with CreateDraft. Define the roles, responsibilities, compensation, and terms and conditions of employment using customizable templates. Ensure that all necessary details are included to maintain a clear and formal employment agreement.
  3. Partnership Agreement:
    CreateDraft offers ready-to-use templates for partnership agreements, enabling you to define key aspects of your business partnerships. From profit-sharing to decision-making arrangements, you can easily customize the template to meet your specific partnership needs.
  4. Operating Agreement:
    For limited liability companies (LLCs), an operating agreement is crucial to governing their operations effectively. With CreateDraft, you can quickly generate operating agreements that specify member rights and duties, allocation of profits and losses, voting rights, and more.
  5. Shareholder Agreement:
    Incorporate your corporation’s shareholder rights and responsibilities with CreateDraft’s Shareholder Agreement templates. Clearly outline the rights and obligations of shareholders, including voting rights, dividends, and mechanisms to resolve conflicts, ensuring a smooth functioning of your corporate structure.
  6. Lease Agreement:
    When it comes to renting real property, a comprehensive lease agreement is essential to protect the rights of both landlords and tenants. Utilize CreateDraft’s Lease Agreement templates to outline crucial details such as rent, responsibilities, lease duration, and terms governing potential extensions or early terminations.
  7. Purchase Agreement:
    Efficiently lay out the terms for buying or selling goods or services with CreateDraft’s Purchase Agreement templates. Specify the price, delivery terms, warranties, and other essential clauses to create a clear understanding between the parties involved.
  8. Service Agreement:
    Define the scope of services provided by a service provider to a client using CreateDraft’s Service Agreement templates. Clearly state the obligations, deliverables, timeline, and payment terms, ensuring a harmonious professional relationship.
  9. Consulting Agreement:
    Create mutually beneficial consulting agreements using CreateDraft’s Consulting Agreement templates. Establish terms related to deliverables, compensation, confidentiality, and termination, providing clarity and security for both parties involved.


CreateDraft is a game-changer for legal teams looking to streamline their drafting process and create high-quality legal documents in a fraction of the time. With its AI-powered drafting, extensive template library, and contract analysis capabilities, CreateDraft empowers legal professionals to produce superior-quality drafts effortlessly. Say goodbye to the tediousness of starting from scratch and leverage CreateDraft’s innovative features to simplify your workflow and achieve optimal results. Get started with CreateDraft today and experience the transformation of your legal document drafting process.


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