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Streamline Your AI Prompt Management with Promptly

In the fast-paced world of AI product development, effective prompt management is crucial for success. That’s where Promptly comes in – a powerful AI prompt management tool designed exclusively for AI product teams. With Promptly, teams can seamlessly develop, test, version, execute, and retrieve prompts across multiple AI providers, ensuring a streamlined and efficient prompt management process.

Centralize and Simplify Prompt Development

Promptly simplifies and centralizes prompt development by providing a single platform to write and manage all prompts. Developers can create projects within Promptly, which aids in organizing and separating prompts for a more efficient development and release process. This feature allows teams to release prompts with confidence, knowing they are structured and managed effectively.

Promptly also offers integration with multiple AI providers, making it easy to call prompts from a single platform. This eliminates the need to switch between different tools or platforms, saving time and improving productivity. Whether you are using one AI provider or multiple, Promptly has you covered.

Rock Solid APIs for Reliable Prompt Retrieval

One of the key features that sets Promptly apart is its rock solid APIs. With these robust APIs, users can easily retrieve, search, and execute prompts from various AI providers. This streamlined process ensures prompt retrieval is seamless and reliable.

Promptly’s APIs also provide the option to call AI providers on behalf of users, further simplifying the prompt execution process. This feature eliminates the need to manually interact with AI providers, allowing teams to focus on their core tasks without any unnecessary hassle.

Change Tracking and Versioning

Change tracking is an integral part of prompt management, and Promptly understands this. The tool offers a comprehensive change tracking feature that allows users to view the history of prompts, compare changes, and revert to previous versions if needed.

This feature provides peace of mind to AI product teams as they can easily track the progress and changes made to prompts. It also enables them to maintain a clear versioning history, ensuring they have full control over the prompt development process.

Predictably Personalized Responses with Variable Replacement

Promptly understands the importance of personalized responses. With its variable replacement feature, teams can build variables into prompts and replace them at execute time for predictably personalized responses.

This functionality allows AI products to generate tailored responses based on specific variables such as user preferences, context, or demographics. This level of personalization enhances user experience and makes interactions with AI more engaging and effective.

Key Features of Promptly

  • Team management: Collaborate effectively with your AI product team by managing user roles and permissions within Promptly.
  • Change tracking: View the history of prompts, compare changes, and easily revert to previous versions for seamless prompt management.
  • Variable replacement: Add variables to prompts and replace them at execute time for personalized responses.
  • Secure prompt storage: Promptly guarantees 100% reliable prompt storage, ensuring your prompt data is safe and easily accessible.

Use Cases for Promptly

  • AI product development: Streamline the process of building prompt infrastructures by storing AI provider configurations, collaborating on prompt development, testing responses, and calling prompts via APIs.
  • Multiple AI provider integration: Consolidate and simplify prompt management by integrating multiple AI providers into Promptly, enabling seamless prompt retrieval and execution.
  • Personalized user interactions: Leverage variable replacement to provide predictably personalized responses and enhance user experience across various AI products.


Promptly is the go-to prompt management tool for AI product teams. It simplifies prompt development, provides robust APIs for reliable prompt retrieval, facilitates change tracking and versioning, and enables predictably personalized responses with variable replacement.

By centralizing prompt management in a single platform, Promptly streamlines the prompt development process and enhances productivity for AI product teams. With its focus on collaboration, security, and efficiency, Promptly is the ideal choice for teams looking to optimize their AI prompt management workflow.


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