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ChatGPT for Amazon

Shoppiem: Your Shopping Companion for Amazon

Are you tired of spending hours researching products on Amazon, reading reviews, and scrolling through customer questions? Look no further than Shoppiem, your ultimate shopping companion built with ChatGPT technology. With Shoppiem, you can say goodbye to endless searches and uncertainty. This innovative tool provides instant answers to all your product-related inquiries while shopping on Amazon.

Unveiling the Power of Shoppiem

Shoppiem is designed to make your online shopping experience effortless and efficient. By analyzing Amazon product descriptions, reviews, user questions, and answers, Shoppiem delivers unbiased information to help you make informed purchase decisions. It harnesses the language capabilities of ChatGPT to provide human-like conversations, ensuring you receive quick and accurate responses to your queries.

No Registration Required

During our Beta phase, Shoppiem can be used without any registration. You can dive right into your shopping journey with ease and convenience.

International Support

Shoppiem proudly supports all Amazon international sites, catering to users across various countries. No matter where you are, Shoppiem is ready to assist you in finding the information you need.

Real-time Chat

Engage in real-time conversations directly on the product page. With Shoppiem, you can interrupt conversations and pick up where you left off whenever you need, without your discussions expiring. Enjoy seamless interactions as you explore the world of Amazon products.

Multiple Simultaneous Chats

Have multiple product pages open simultaneously? No problem! Shoppiem enables you to have separate conversations for each product, allowing you to discuss multiple items simultaneously without interference.

Never Lose Your Chat History

Unsure about the answers to your questions? With Shoppiem, you can revisit your previous conversations and review the answers you received. Just go back to the Amazon product page and bring up the Shoppiem chat box. Your chat history remains accessible as long as the Shoppiem extension remains installed.

Common FAQs about Shoppiem

To help you get a better understanding of the app, we have compiled some frequently asked questions:

Q: Is Shoppiem free?
A: Yes, absolutely! All features are available to use for free during our beta phase.

Q: Is Shoppiem affiliated with Amazon?
A: Shoppiem is an independent tool and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Amazon.

Q: Which Amazon websites does Shoppiem support?
A: Shoppiem works seamlessly on all Amazon websites, regardless of the country.

Q: What kind of information does Shoppiem collect?
A: Shoppiem does not collect any user information except for chat messages and product details. Your privacy is our priority.

Q: Does Shoppiem work for all products?
A: Shoppiem is especially effective for products that have a substantial number of reviews, questions, answers, and detailed information.

Q: What kind of permissions does Shoppiem need?
A: Shoppiem requires access to your tabs, Amazon webpages, storage, and messaging. These permissions enable the extension to function optimally without hindering your shopping experience.

At Shoppiem, we strive to provide you with a seamless and intuitive shopping journey. With a range of useful features and unmatched convenience, this app is your go-to companion for all your Amazon shopping needs. It’s time to save valuable time and money with Shoppiem by your side.

For more information about Shoppiem, visit our website here, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for exciting updates. We value your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions or need assistance.

So why wait? Experience the power of Shoppiem today and revolutionize your Amazon shopping experience like never before!


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