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AI App Integration

Retool: Build AI Apps That Work

Retool is a powerful platform that enables users to build AI apps and integrate them seamlessly into their workflows. With pre-built blocks and the ability to use any model, Retool makes it easy to add AI capabilities to your applications. Whether you’re a developer, startup, or Fortune 500 company, Retool offers the tools and flexibility to create bespoke AI solutions for your business.

Key Features of Retool

Retool offers a range of features that make it a versatile and efficient tool for building AI apps:

  1. Instant Integration: Retool allows you to instantly integrate AI into your existing apps and workflows. With pre-built blocks, you can easily connect business data and take advantage of AI capabilities with minimal effort.
  2. Custom AI Workflows: With Retool, you can build custom AI workflows by chaining together business logic, data connectors, and dynamic prompts. This enables you to automate hundreds of manual tasks, saving time and resources.
  3. Flexible AI Actions: Retool offers dozens of pre-built AI actions for working with multimodal data. Whether you’re using OpenAI, Anthropic, Azure, or other platforms, you can seamlessly integrate AI actions into your workflows. Additionally, you have the option to bring your own model and API keys.
  4. Secure Deployments: Data security is a top priority for Retool. You can securely deploy AI tools to your developers and end-users, ensuring that sensitive information is protected. Retool provides features such as self-hosted deployments, permissions, audit trails, single sign-on (SSO), and version control to give you full control over data access.
  5. Managed Vector Store: Retool’s managed vector store, called Retool Vectors, allows you to build AI-powered search functionality for your business data. By storing and indexing data into vector embeddings, you can make your AI models aware of relevant information and improve retrieval accuracy.

Use Cases for Retool

Retool is a versatile platform that can be applied to various use cases. Here are some examples of how businesses can leverage Retool’s capabilities:

  1. Automating Manual Tasks: Retool can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks across different departments, including engineering, customer support, sales, operations, and product teams. By reducing the burden of these manual tasks, Retool allows teams to focus on more critical activities.
  2. Content Generation: With Retool’s natural language processing capabilities, businesses can use AI to generate code, text, and summaries. This streamlines content creation processes and increases productivity.
  3. Data Visualization: Retool’s built-in tools enable users to create customized charts and visualize data according to their needs. This enables businesses to gain valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions.

Customer Testimonials

Retool has received positive feedback from various customers who have experienced the benefits of using the platform:

  • James Evans, CEO of a company, stated, “Retool AI saves our sales team hours of work each week by automating their outreach. We generate personalized messages instantly with AI Actions, with our data from Salesforce, Outreach, and our data warehouse connected to Retool.”
  • Zach Chaitman, Managing Director at another organization, commented, “I’ve automated dozens of tasks for our business like categorizing client tickets and summarizing meeting notes with Retool AI. My team saves time to focus on delivering better solutions for our clients instead of managing processes.”

Start Building with Retool Today

Whether you’re a developer looking to enhance your apps with AI capabilities or a business striving to automate manual tasks, Retool provides the tools and flexibility to build AI apps that work. With its range of features, instant integration, and powerful AI capabilities, Retool is trusted by developers, startups, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Create a free account or book a demo on the Retool website to start building AI apps and workflows today.

FAQ: Retool

  1. What is Retool?
    Retool is an AI app development platform that allows users to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflows, empowering businesses to build customized AI solutions.
  2. How does Retool work?
    Retool provides pre-built blocks and the ability to use any model, enabling users to easily add AI capabilities to their applications and automate manual tasks.
  3. Can I customize AI workflows with Retool?
    Absolutely! Retool allows you to chain together business logic, data connectors, and dynamic prompts, enabling the automation of hundreds of manual tasks.
  4. Does Retool offer pre-built AI actions?
    Yes, Retool offers dozens of pre-built AI actions that can be integrated into your workflows. You can also bring your own model and API keys if needed.
  5. Is data security a priority for Retool?
    Data security is a top priority for Retool. The platform offers features such as self-hosted deployments, permissions, audit trails, SSO, and version control to ensure data is kept secure.
  6. What is Retool Vectors?
    Retool Vectors is a managed vector store that allows businesses to build AI-powered search functionality by storing and indexing business data into vector embeddings.
  7. In which use cases can Retool be applied?
    Retool can be applied to a variety of use cases, including automating manual tasks, content generation, data visualization, and more.
  8. Who can benefit from using Retool?
    Retool is ideal for developers, startups, and Fortune 500 companies looking to integrate AI capabilities into their applications and workflows.
  9. Can I try Retool for free?
    Yes, you can get started with Retool for free and explore its features. You also have the option to book a demo for a more in-depth understanding.
  10. What do customers say about Retool?
    Customers praise Retool for saving time, automating outreach, and streamlining processes, resulting in increased productivity and better solutions for clients.


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