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Plantum – AI Plant Identifier: A Guide for Plant Lovers

Are you a plant aficionado looking for the perfect tool to help you manage your green friends? Plantum – AI Plant Identifier could be your digital botanist, assisting you in identifying over 15,000 natural objects and offering precise care guides. Trusted by more than 20 million users, this app aims to revolutionize how we interact with nature. This comprehensive review delves into Plantum’s key features, effective use cases, pricing, and alternatives.

Key Features

Identify Various Natural Objects

Plantum goes beyond mere plant identification. With its vast database, you can identify plants, mushrooms, rocks, and insects. All it takes is snapping a photo, and Plantum works its magic.

  • Extensive database with 15,000+ natural objects
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient search and filter options

Be Your Own Plant Doctor

Your plants might get sick, and Plantum offers a way to diagnose the issue quickly. By recognizing early symptoms, you can expedite your plant’s recovery process.

  • Timely disease identification
  • Care suggestions for sick plants
  • Aids in proactive plant care

Use Cases

Keeping a Plant Journal

With Plantum, you can maintain a growth journal for each of your plants, documenting their progress over time. This is incredibly useful for identifying the most effective care routines.

  • Track plant growth
  • Identify ideal care methods
  • Enhance plant health by tracking patterns

Efficient Care with Reminders

Between watering, misting, and feeding, taking care of plants can be daunting. Plantum helps you set reminders so that you never neglect your green companions.

  • Scheduled watering and feeding reminders
  • Light Meter to assess ideal lighting conditions
  • Pot Meter to measure pot size and volume


If Plantum doesn’t meet your needs, other options like PictureThis and PlantSnap also offer plant identification and care guide features. However, Plantum sets itself apart with its expansive database and additional tools like Light Meter and Weather Tracker.

Price and Subscription Plans

Plantum offers various subscription models: weekly, monthly, and annually. All the premium features can be unlocked through these subscriptions. The app automatically renews the subscription, but you can disable auto-renewal in the settings.

  • Range of subscription plans for all budgets
  • Easy to manage and cancel subscriptions
  • Auto-renewal settings for user convenience


In the growing realm of digital plant care, Plantum – AI Plant Identifier emerges as a robust platform that offers a plethora of features for both novice gardeners and seasoned botanists. With its ability to identify a diverse range of natural objects and offer precise care guides, this app is a worthy companion for anyone aiming to enhance their knowledge and care for plants.

Whether you’re diagnosing a sick plant or learning about optimal watering schedules, Plantum provides all the necessary tools in one sleek interface. Its pricing may be a consideration, but the extensive range of features arguably justifies the investment. Choose Plantum if you’re looking to elevate your plant care routine to a professional level.

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