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Introducing GenAI by Meta: Expanding the Possibilities of AI Experiences

In today’s tech-driven world, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to shape the way we connect, create, and engage with each other. Meta is proud to introduce GenAI, a new class of generative AI features that aim to expand and strengthen these connections. With GenAI, users can explore, create, and do more through innovative tools and chat experiences. Let’s dive in and discover how GenAI is revolutionizing the way we interact with AI.

Your Personal Assistant: Chat with Meta AI

Meta AI, now in beta, is your personal assistant available for 1-on-1 chats or group conversations. This AI companion is designed to provide recommendations, entertain you with jokes, settle debates, and broaden your knowledge by answering questions or teaching you something new. Whether you need a quick recommendation for a nearby restaurant or want to learn about the history of art, Meta AI is there to assist. Please note that initially, Meta AI is available in the United States only. To get started, simply initiate a new chat on Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp and request early access to join the waitlist.

Meta AI Features: Enhancing Your AI Experience

Let’s explore some of the exciting features that GenAI brings to the table:

  1. Dream it, create it: With Meta AI, you can tap into your creativity and generate images that are beyond what a camera can capture. Simply describe the image you envision, like “/imagine a fairy cat in a rainbow forest,” and watch as Meta AI brings your imagination to life.
  2. Ask @Meta AI: Need some recommendations for a group trip or looking for fun dinner party recipes? Invoke @Meta AI into your group chats to spark ideas and receive suggestions. Moreover, you can jazz up your conversations with photorealistic images, adding a touch of visual fun.
  3. Search the web: Access up-to-date information from the web through Meta AI’s search feature, powered by Bing. Whether you’re looking for news, facts, or expert opinions, Meta AI can pull relevant information and provide it right in your chat.

A Universe of Characters: Meet the AIs

GenAI offers a diverse range of 28 unique AI chat characters, each complete with their own personality, mannerisms, and backstory. Some of these characters are even played by recognizable public figures and influencers, adding an extra layer of excitement and familiarity to your AI interactions. For example, Tom Brady takes on the role of Bru, a sports debater, and MrBeast plays the lively and humorous Zach. These AI characters bring a touch of personality to your chats and allow for engaging conversations on a variety of topics.

Use Cases: GenAI in Action

GenAI offers a wide range of use cases that showcase its potential:

  1. Creative Expression: Unleash your creativity with GenAI’s suite of creative tools. Use AI stickers to create customized and fun visuals that express your emotions and personality in chats and stories. These stickers provide endless options to accurately convey how you feel in any given moment. Additionally, soon to be available on Instagram, AI-powered image editing allows you to transform the visual style of your photos, using descriptive prompts like “grunge” or “watercolor.” This feature opens up new avenues for artistic expression and experimentation.
  2. Entertainment and Engagement: GenAI isn’t just a tool for creating; it’s also a companion for entertainment and engagement. Chatting with the various AI characters, you can engage in lighthearted debates, seek fitness tips from Angie the fitness enthusiast, or dive into the world of anime with Tamika. The diverse range of AI characters ensures that you’ll always find a companion to match your interests and passions.

Building Responsibly: Meta’s Commitment

At Meta, responsible AI usage is of utmost importance. Building on the foundation of Llama 2, Meta AI incorporates safety and responsibility training to ensure a safer and more enjoyable user experience. The team at Meta continuously tests and develops approaches to ensure that the AI systems and features are designed responsibly. Privacy and user safety are key considerations when building generative AI features, and Meta is dedicated to prioritizing these aspects.

Discover GenAI by Meta: The Future of AI Experiences

GenAI by Meta opens up a whole new world of possibilities in AI interactions. From creative expression to entertainment and engagement, GenAI offers an array of features and use cases that cater to diverse user interests. With Meta AI, you have a personal assistant at your fingertips, ready to help, entertain, and educate. As GenAI continues to evolve, users can expect even more exciting features and enhancements in the future. Explore Meta’s newsroom and AI blog to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in AI technology.

Start your journey with GenAI today by requesting early access and joining the waitlist. Engage, create, and connect like never before with this groundbreaking AI experience from Meta.


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