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GitLab Code Suggestions: AI-Powered Coding Assistance to Accelerate Development


In the fast-paced world of software development, every developer strives to write code efficiently and accurately. However, with the complexity of modern applications, it can be challenging to stay in the coding flow and avoid repetitive tasks. That’s where GitLab Code Suggestions comes in. As an AI-assisted coding tool, it predicts and completes blocks of code, generates logic for function declarations, suggests common code patterns, and even generates tests. In this review, we’ll explore the key features, use cases, and benefits of GitLab Code Suggestions.

Key Features

GitLab Code Suggestions offers a range of powerful features that enhance developers’ productivity and efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key capabilities:

  1. Predictive Code Completion: Code Suggestions predicts and completes blocks of code in the context, saving developers valuable time and effort. Whether it’s a common code snippet or a complex logic structure, the tool suggests the most relevant code based on the context.
  2. Function Logic Generation: Generating logic for function declarations can be a time-consuming task. With Code Suggestions, developers can streamline this process by letting the AI algorithm generate the necessary logic based on the function’s purpose and expected behavior.
  3. Test Generation: Writing comprehensive tests is crucial for ensuring the quality and reliability of software. Code Suggestions can automatically generate test cases, reducing the burden on developers and enabling them to focus on other critical aspects of the development process.
  4. Regex Pattern Suggestions: Regular expressions (regex) are powerful tools for pattern matching and text manipulation. Code Suggestions provides suggestions for common regex patterns, allowing developers to leverage this functionality without the need for extensive manual research.

Use Cases

GitLab Code Suggestions can be applied in various scenarios to improve the development workflow and deliver high-quality code. Here are a few notable use cases:

  1. Code Refactoring: Refactoring code is an essential part of maintaining software quality and improving its readability. Code Suggestions can assist developers by suggesting better code structures, cleaner syntax, and more efficient implementations, making the refactoring process faster and more accurate.
  2. Learning and Education: For beginner developers or those learning a new programming language, Code Suggestions can be a valuable learning tool. By providing real-time code suggestions and explanations, the tool helps developers understand best practices, coding patterns, and language-specific nuances.
  3. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Code Suggestions promotes collaboration within development teams by standardizing coding practices and ensuring consistency across projects. It enables team members to share code snippets, propose improvements, and learn from each other’s coding styles.
  4. Accelerating Development: With Code Suggestions, developers can write code faster and more efficiently. By automating repetitive tasks and offering intelligent suggestions, the tool eliminates the need to search for code examples or consult external references, ultimately boosting development speed.

Reviews and Feedback

GitLab Code Suggestions has received positive feedback from developers who have experienced its benefits firsthand. Users appreciate the tool’s accuracy in predicting code blocks and generating relevant suggestions. They also highlight the seamless integration with popular IDEs such as VS Code, Visual Studio, Jetbrains-based IDEs, and NeoVIM, which enables a smooth coding experience.

However, some users have expressed the need for further improvements in suggestion quality. GitLab acknowledges this feedback and actively works on enhancing suggestion quality through prompt engineering, intelligent model routing, and expanded contexts for inference windows. Users can follow GitLab’s progress and even suggest ideas to contribute to the tool’s continuous improvement.

Pricing and Availability

GitLab Code Suggestions is available for free during its beta phase, allowing developers to try out its capabilities and experience the benefits firsthand. GitLab also offers self-managed instances of Code Suggestions, ensuring data privacy and security for organizations that prefer to host their own development environment.


GitLab Code Suggestions is a powerful AI-assisted coding tool that accelerates development, enhances collaboration, and improves code quality. With its predictive code completion, function logic generation, test generation, and regex pattern suggestions, developers can streamline their coding workflow and focus on creating exceptional software. Whether you’re a beginner developer or an experienced professional, Code Suggestions can boost your productivity and help you write code faster and more efficiently. Give it a try and experience the future of AI-powered coding assistance.


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