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Free Music Demixer: Demix Your Music for Free

Are you looking to separate the different instruments from a music recording? Look no further than Free Music Demixer, a free AI-based web application that allows you to demix your music files right in your browser. With no usage limits and all processing done locally on your computer, this tool provides a convenient and privacy-conscious way to extract stems from your favorite songs.

Key Features of Free Music Demixer

  • AI-Based Music Demixing: Free Music Demixer utilizes Open-Unmix with the UMX-L pretrained weights, a near-state-of-the-art AI model, to decompose your music files into bass, drums, vocals, melody, and even karaoke tracks.
  • Local Browser Processing: Unlike similar products, Free Music Demixer runs entirely on your computer. All demixing is done locally in your browser, ensuring that your files are never uploaded anywhere.
  • Free and Unlimited Usage: This web application is completely free to use, and there are no usage limits. You can demix as many songs as you like without any restrictions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Free Music Demixer offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily load your music files, toggle between demixed tracks, and preview the results before downloading them.
  • Demixer Apps: The tool provides both single-track demixing and experimental batch demixing options, giving you flexibility based on your requirements.

Use Cases of Free Music Demixer

  1. Music Production: Free Music Demixer is a valuable tool for music producers, allowing them to extract individual instrument tracks from existing songs for remixing, sampling, or creating new compositions.
    • Easily isolate the bass, drums, vocals, or melody tracks from your favorite songs to incorporate them into your own productions.
    • Experiment with different stems to create unique remixes and mash-ups.
  2. Karaoke Creation: If you enjoy singing along to your favorite songs, Free Music Demixer makes it easy to create custom karaoke tracks.
    • Demix the music and vocals to remove the original vocal track, leaving you with an instrumental version perfect for karaoke sessions.
  3. Music Education and Analysis: Music students and enthusiasts can benefit from Free Music Demixer to understand and study the individual components of songs.
    • Analyze the intricate drum patterns, bass lines, or melodies in songs to gain insights into music composition and production techniques.
    • Use demixed tracks to separate complex arrangements and identify specific instrument parts.
  4. Personal Enjoyment: Free Music Demixer also caters to individuals who simply want to explore and enjoy music in a new way.
    • Listen to individual instrument tracks in their isolated form and appreciate the intricacies of different musical elements.
    • Create personalized playlists by selecting specific stems that resonate with your musical preferences.

Demix Your Music Today!

Experience the power of AI-based music demixing with Free Music Demixer. Simply load your music files, select the desired stems to demix, and enjoy your customized tracks with no limitations or data storage concerns. This web application runs smoothly on computers, while performance may be slower on smartphones. Support the creator, Sevag H., by contributing through GitHub Sponsors or PayPal. For companies in the pro music space, advertising opportunities are also available. Try Free Music Demixer now and unleash the potential of your music library.

FAQ: Free Music Demixer

  1. What is Free Music Demixer?
    Free Music Demixer is a web application that utilizes AI to separate different instruments from music recordings, allowing you to demix songs into individual stems.
  2. How does Free Music Demixer work?
    Free Music Demixer runs AI models locally in your browser, processing your music files to decompose them into bass, drums, vocals, melody, and karaoke tracks.
  3. Is Free Music Demixer really free to use?
    Yes, Free Music Demixer is completely free to use. You can demix as many songs as you like without any usage limits.
  4. Can I use the demixed tracks for commercial purposes?
    No, the demixed tracks generated by Free Music Demixer can only be used for non-commercial applications, as per the UMX-L weights license.
  5. Is my data safe with Free Music Demixer?
    Absolutely! Free Music Demixer doesn’t store any of your data. All the processing is done locally on your computer, and your files are never uploaded anywhere.
  6. What formats does Free Music Demixer support?
    Free Music Demixer supports almost any audio format for input files. However, the outputs are always generated in stereo WAV format at 44100 Hz.
  7. Can I use Free Music Demixer on my smartphone?
    While Free Music Demixer runs well on computers, it may perform slower on smartphones due to the processing requirements. It is recommended to use it on a computer for optimal performance.
  8. Can I cancel a demixing process if it takes too long?
    Yes, if a demixing process is taking longer than expected, you can simply refresh the page to cancel the running job.
  9. Are batch demixing options available in Free Music Demixer?
    Yes, Free Music Demixer offers batch demixing options for users who want to demix multiple songs simultaneously, though this feature is marked as experimental.
  10. Is there any support or feedback channel available for Free Music Demixer?
    Yes, for any bugs or feature requests, you can open a GitHub Issue on the Free Music Demixer GitHub repository.


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