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Carbonate: Simplify Your Testing Process with Automated Test Script Generation

Are you tired of spending extensive time writing and maintaining test scripts for your applications? Look no further than Carbonate, a powerful testing tool that allows you to write tests in plain English and automatically converts them into fixed test scripts. With Carbonate, you can streamline your testing process and save valuable development time.

Automated Test Script Generation Made Easy

Carbonate simplifies the process of creating and maintaining test scripts by automatically converting your plain English tests into fixed test scripts. This means that you can write tests directly in your preferred testing tool, without the need for complex scripting or programming. On the first run, Carbonate analyzes your tests and generates the necessary test scripts for execution. And when your HTML changes, Carbonate intelligently identifies the differences and updates the test scripts accordingly, ensuring that your tests remain up to date.

No More Brittle Tests with Carbonate

One of the most frustrating aspects of test automation is dealing with brittle tests that break easily due to changes in the user interface (UI). With Carbonate, you can say goodbye to brittle tests. Carbonate analyzes your HTML and distinguishes between changes in the UI and simple rendering differences. This means that you can tweak your UI as much as you want, as long as the behavior remains the same. Carbonate will intelligently determine the changes, just like a real user would, ensuring that your tests remain robust and reliable.

  • Carbonate analyzes HTML to determine the difference between UI changes and rendering differences
  • Tweak your UI without breaking tests
  • Tests remain robust and reliable

Performance and Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Carbonate offers optimal performance and flexibility for your testing needs. The analysis is performed only once, and subsequent runs utilize a locally cached version of the test script, ensuring faster execution times. This caching mechanism saves time and resources by avoiding unnecessary analysis for every test run.

Additionally, Carbonate provides flexibility by allowing you to run the test scripts in a way that suits your needs. You have the opportunity to run your own code between test script executions, giving you the flexibility to customize and integrate the testing process into your existing workflows.

  • Analysis performed only once for optimal performance
  • Local caching of test scripts for faster execution
  • Flexibility to run own code between test script executions

Seamless Integrations and SDKs

Carbonate aims to seamlessly integrate into your existing testing toolset without causing any disruption. It provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) for popular programming languages such as PHP, Node, and Python. These SDKs allow you to quickly integrate Carbonate into your test suite, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal changes to your existing tooling.

  • SDKs available for PHP, Node, and Python
  • Quick and easy integration into your test suite
  • Minimal changes to existing tooling

Use Cases of Carbonate

Carbonate can be used in a variety of testing scenarios where automated testing is required. Here are some common use cases:

  1. UI Testing: Carbonate is perfect for testing user interfaces of web applications. Its ability to automatically generate test scripts based on plain English tests simplifies the testing process and allows for efficient UI testing.
  2. Regression Testing: With Carbonate, regression testing becomes more streamlined. As the test scripts are automatically updated when the HTML changes, you can easily incorporate regression testing into your development process.
  3. Continuous Integration: Carbonate fits seamlessly into continuous integration pipelines. By automating the test script generation process, you can ensure that your application is thoroughly tested with each code change, without introducing significant delays.
  4. Cross-Browser Testing: Carbonate’s test scripts can be executed on different browsers, allowing you to ensure consistent behavior across multiple platforms.
  5. Performance Testing: Carbonate’s caching mechanism significantly improves performance for subsequent test runs. This makes it an ideal choice for performance testing, where multiple test iterations are required.


Carbonate revolutionizes the way you approach automated testing by simplifying the test script generation process. With its capability to convert plain English tests into fixed test scripts, automatic updates when HTML changes, and robust analysis of UI differences, Carbonate streamlines and enhances your testing process. Whether you are performing UI testing, regression testing, or incorporating testing in a continuous integration pipeline, Carbonate offers flexibility, performance, and reliability.

Try Carbonate today and experience the power of automated test script generation firsthand. With its seamless integration and intuitive SDKs, you’ll be up and running in no time, making testing a breeze and saving valuable development time.


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